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Morning Meditation


March 26, 2014


Got my Brooks on, I’m ready to go!

As the weather is (slowly) beginning to get warmer I am feeling a little sad saying goodbye to the cooler mornings. I enjoy my morning runs during the winter months. The cool crisp air provides an extra wake me up and I feel invigorated and ready to tackle my day. Besides the cool air, running at sunrise is an amazing experience which I try to participate in daily. You see, I do not belong to a gym, nor do I run solely for my physical health. For me, running is just as spiritual as it is physical. It’s a time when I can clear all the junk from my head and talk to God. I see God’s work every morning, in the sunrise, in the leaves changing colors, in the deer running passed the trail. I feel so connected to God and nature by just running outside on the trail in my neighborhood! This is something a treadmill in a gym can NEVER replicate. I encourage everyone to find something they enjoy doing outside and make it a regular activity.

It’s all about perspective, I don’t view “running” as a chore or something I have to do. I love it! I have been running for almost 20 years. I’m not a professional nor have I ever run in a competitive race, except the 5K I ran last year with my 4 year old daughter.  🙂 When the weather is nice enough my kids go running with me, and they love it! I have taken them with me since they were born, so to them it’s very normal.

I believe that leading an active lifestyle is much more than “working out” or being a member of a gym. It’s about finding activities you enjoy doing and then doing them. My husband and I love playing sand volleyball, we play in spring and summer leagues. The kiddos go with us most weeks and play in the sand and run around with the other kids and they have a blast. By the time we go home they are more exhausted than we are!

In full disclosure I must add that there are necessary evils to health and wellness that I am not as fond of; for example I do not enjoy leg workouts one bit! These are my least favorite days. I have recently started the CU24 LEVEL 2 dvd workouts;

and I love it! I feel I can get a total workout in 24 minutes and it’s so fun. My kiddos love to (attempt to) do these workouts with me and I welcome the extra family time with them. At this point in my pregnancy I have modified some of the exercises and I’m still able to get in a great workout.