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Our Morning Juice!



March 29, 2014

Our Morning Juice!

Celery, kale, cucumber, carrots and lime.

I normally rotate kale and spinach every day and my hubby likes to add a touch of tabasco to his. I have also added cayenne pepper and cilantro.

My family started juicing about a year and a half ago.  We have been drinking our green juice daily for about a year.  I was pleasantly surprised by my hubby’s reaction to juicing – it can be difficult to get him to try new things unless he can readily see the benefits.  He enjoys juicing as much as me, and takes his glass and gulps it down. We have both noticed the benefits, you can feel the benefits. The best part is I love how excited my kids get when they hear the juicer start.

I normally make our juice when I get back from my morning run. As soon as I start juicing, the kiddos are out of bed wanting to help make the day’s juice. There have been some combinations the kiddos didn’t care for as much, but I just keep introducing them to new ones and after a while they start drinking the ones they didn’t like before. I like the idea of being able to get almost of full days serving of veggies in my body at the start of the day. I also make green smoothies a few times a week either for my breakfast or a snack. Strangely enough my kids prefer the green juice over the smoothies. I can maybe get them to drink part of one on a good day. Which is fine by me, we eat enough fruit during the day.

When we go to the store or the farmers market (as May is right around the corner) the kids enjoy picking out their own veggies for the week and for our juice! They seem more interested in the process when they have a “say” and I want them to grow up enjoying a healthy lifestyle not feeling forced to do things. Like most things, if you make it fun, kids will have fun and participate.

Here is a link to some good tips for juicing! I would agree with all of these.

Please post any recipes you have, I’m always on the lookout for new ones.