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Family Dinners, a must!

April 13, 2014

Family Dinners, a must!

One of my favorite times of the week is Sunday Evening. And today happens to be Palm Sunday, so even more reason to be thankful for the many blessings we have. During the week we get busy with schedules and life and more times than not if feels like a race to see how fast we can get dinner on the table, eat, get the kids bathed and everyone to bed; while also each of us managing to get our workouts in…did I mention housework? Most of us can agree life with kids, while it’s rich and full of love, is chaotic! Sunday’s for the Sinthusy Family start with church followed by a slow paced afternoon and a delicious Sunday dinner; that typically takes more than 30 minutes to prepare. We eat together and enjoy each other’s company without rushing through our meal.

We were doubly blessed this weekend because we were able to enjoy two great family dinners and beautiful weather on Saturday. Our family spent the day outside working on the yard, cleaning the cars and enjoying fun family time together. Afterwards we ate dinner outside; turkey burgers on whole wheat buns and homemade summer salad (tomatoes, red onions and feta cheese in a balsamic vinegar mix). We ended the night with some delicious homemade coconut-mango ice cream.

With all the chaos in this world and the hustle and the bustle the work week brings its important to stay connected as a family. It’s amazing how enriched and exhausted we all felt Saturday after a day of work and family. For us, if doesn’t matter so much what we are doing as long as we are active and together!


Have a Blessed Sunday!

Got my Brooks on, I’m ready to go…plus 1!



April 10, 2014



Got my Brooks on, I’m ready to go…plus 1!


I was very blessed this morning with a very special jogging partner, my 4 year old daughter Kailee. She is normally up waiting for me when I get home in the mornings. She has been asking when she gets to join me for a while now. I normally take the kids in the evenings (weather permitting) as the mornings are normally for me. My pace is normally faster (while it is slowing down as I progress through my last trimester) and the distance is greater.  Plus it’s just been too cold. But today, all the stars aligned.  The weather was nice, Kailee was up before me ready to go, and she had a late start at school.  So today we enjoyed our first early morning jog together.  What a blessing!

I think we received mixed reviews from people driving past. Some were smiling and waving and some looked very confused. Why should it be weird that a girl is jogging/walking with her mom? I do say walking as we did complete 3 miles jog/walk.  While I have been working with Kailee on form and trying to keep a steady pace; if she needs a break, we walk. Running is a skill that needs to be learned and developed.  When Kailee first started running longer distances she had to learn to walk when she needed a break, not just stop. And she is still working on good form, and how to keep a steady pace.  But again, this is a skill she has been developing since she could walk.

I often get questions from other parents that think its crazy she can run so far and as often as she does. But like I tell everyone, she has been developing this skill for years now. I didn’t just wake up this morning and say come on Kailee, let’s go run 3 miles.  From the time my kids we born they were going walking/running with me in their strollers.  And when they were able to walk, I would let them out on the trail and let them go as long as they wanted. It’s been fascinating to watch this skill develop over the years and see them going faster and longer distances now. Kailee now goes without a stroller because she is able to complete 3 miles. My 2 year old is up to about 1.5-2 miles; however he is still limited to running on the trail, while Kailee is able tour the neighborhood with me.  My favorite part is how much they enjoy it and how excited they get when we’re getting ready to go.

I couldn’t ask for better running partners!

Homemade Yumminess!



April 5, 2014

Homemade Yumminess!

Whole wheat chocolate chip cookies and Berry Muffins. My kids fav are always the berry muffins!


It’s not that I will tackle my kids and pry a cupcake from their hand at a birthday party or NEVER let them have desserts.  On a daily basis they have so much access to crap already, at school, grandma and grandpa’s, birthday parties, holidays etc. That suddenly “once in a while” seems more like EVERY DAY! As parents we try to offer good choices, better choices. If my kids have the option for dessert most times they will choose fruit over anything else. Even with fruit we don’t have an all you can eat policy. We only buy a limited amount of “sweet fruit” and these we usually reserve for desserts. But once in a while we do like to have a baking night and indulge in some yummy homemade goodness!

As far as eating “clean” or “real food” or however you describe it, we try to focus on eating food that contains ingredients we know. This doesn’t mean that because you baked cookies you can eat 20 of them because they are better for you, lol! ( I’ve tried that reasoning too, just doesn’t work).  But it does mean you don’t have to avoid desserts and there are better options for our kids.  Remember, junk food is junk food. But wouldn’t you rather eat junk food that has some nutritional value and isn’t full of artificial ingredients? I would!

Like everything else once we started eating “real desserts” we noticed a huge difference in the processed options. As my daughter says “food in a box, isn’t food”! This is so true. Who doesn’t prefer homemade versions of anything, right?

We have also made the transition from white flour to whole wheat flour and white whole wheat flour. In my opinion this is a big step for 2 reasons:

      1. This means you are really focusing on eating whole foods and whole grains and saying        

          goodbye to refined white flour. 

      2. However, I must admit, you can tell you are eating wheat flour, but it’s so much more    


In my opinion, if you have made this transition, you are doing GREAT!  The response I get the most from baking with whole wheat flour it that is tastes like corn bread…lol. The great thing is one maybe two cookies and my sweet tooth is happy! And the muffins are so filling and yummy!

So don’t think because now you are trying to eat right or eat better, that you can’t have desserts. Now you just have better options.

Think of all the fun you are about to have trying out all the new recipes…in moderation of course!

I have used this site for a while now. Lisa has a ton of great recipes and tips on eating real food.


Happy Sampling!!!






Change Can Be Good!


April 2, 2014

Change can be good!

Change can be overwhelming and at times too much at once can make us say, “Forget about it”. Our family has definitely had those days in our pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. There have been several occasions when my family was not very receptive to some of the changes I wanted to make. It never fails that when they are reluctant to try something new is when I have the biggest FAIL! We have all been there, I’m sure. When you’re standing there wondering how you ended up with a glob in your pan but the pic on the recipe looked so good! It’s these times that giving up seems like the natural choice.

How do you stay focused and committed without feeling like a failure when “trying new things” doesn’t work out? YOU KEEP GOING! So you caved and over indulged in sweets today because it happened to be a co-workers birthday, or whatever the situation, YOU KEEP GOING!

There will come a day when the not so good for you food you thought you would never be able to go without, is not very appealing to you anymore.  There will come a day when you no longer can feel every muscle (most you never knew existed) throbbing and aching every morning. There will come a day when you miss a workout and you are so bummed because you know your energy level won’t be as good and because you feel so great afterwards!

When you have these days, is when you will be able to look back and say, WOW, look how far I’ve come. And guess what….YOU WILL KEEP GOING!  Feeling good, I mean REALLY feeling good, day after day is addicting!

Keep moving forward and you will get to your destination!



March 31, 2014

32 weeks

BLTs, Yummo!

BLTs – Bacon (locally sourced), avocado spread ( avocado, cherry tomatoes, onion and garlic) & lettuce on whole wheat bread.  My four year old opted for a peanut butter and honey sandwich with bacon on the side (after trying a bite). While my 2 year old gobbled down his entire sandwich. Both also enjoyed raw baby carrots and milk with their sandwiches. 

For dinner the kids helped me make delicious BLTs using local bacon and produce. One thing our family has struggled with has been making the transition to locally raised and humanely treated meats. We are now trying to do just that. Before, we were focusing on eating only certain “lean meats” and avoiding others. Now, we try to incorporate many different items into our daily diets focusing more on cutting out the heavily processed foods; and only eating the less lean meats (as I like to call them) once in a while.

This journey has been such an eye opening experience. I’m still shocked daily by products (still in my kitchen) when I glance at the ingredients list. No wonder so many people feel horrible and sluggish all day EVERYDAY! The worst part is, it’s normal to so many, they don’t even realize how bad they feel, and that it is possible to feel great and have energy that lasts all day.

As we continue on our journey we hope others are encouraged to walk with us and those of you further along the path we welcome your feedback to help us grow!