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Got my Brooks on I’m Ready To GO…..running……….jogging………walking!

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May 17,  2014


Got my Brooks on I’m Ready To GO…..running……….jogging………walking!

As I’m nearing the end of my pregnancy I’m still logging between 20-25 miles a week, however my pace is much, much, much slower – and I’m walking about half the total miles, but I’m totally ok with that! I’m glad I still have plenty of energy to stay active.

There are days where I walk the entire time and days when I jog (well at this point its more like a turtle paced jog) the entire time. It’s just a matter of listening to my body and doing what feels good that day. I have shifted away from HITT workouts until after the baby is born. My belly was getting in the way. I try to still get my yoga in (even if it’s only a handful of poses) 3-4 days a week. Yoga helps with a lot of pregnancy related aches as well. I think everyone should find activities they enjoy doing… and DO THEM! Consistently!

At this point my energy level is still pretty good. I have some, wow I feel pregnant moments here and there but overall I feel good; a much different scenario than my 2 previous pregnancies. My cravings have also been minimal, which is a large reason my weight gain as been much more controlled (to put it nicely) this time around.

Although I have been pleasantly surprised this pregnancy I shouldn’t be shocked. I felt better than ever before I got pregnant so it’s only natural that I would feel better throughout this pregnancy. Thanks ADVOCARE!

Advocare helped me regain my energy and my life. It truly is about a lifestyle change, not a magic pill!




Skip the Mystery Meat

May 6, 2014

Skip the Mystery Meat

Ever wondered where the term mystery meat came from???? Well if you have ever read the ingredients label on most “lunch meats” then you probably know.

It always seems like it’s the simplest things that are the hardest things to “replace”. One thing I struggled with was finding good options for bread and sandwich meat. Have you ever looked at the ingredients in lunch meat? Why is it necessary to put pork in chicken breast? And mechanically separated anything just does not sound appealing.  While there are probably better options at the deli counter, how did a simple turkey or chicken sandwich turn into something that has 20+ ingredients?(I don’t even know what most of them are or why they are in my food) I guess I wasn’t too surprised to discover bread is a heavily processed food item. After all you can squash it and after a few minutes it will spread back out…most food I make at home doesn’t have the quality! (:

Since our family definitely enjoys a sandwich now and then I was determined to find a better alternative. Luckily the answer is so simple – MAKE IT! I use a bread machine and recipes that call for around 5 ingredients (and whole wheat flour).  All you have to do is throw everything in and walk away, couldn’t be easier! As for the sandwich meat I now cook a whole chicken or turkey and we slice it up for yummy sandwiches and you can even freeze the leftovers.  The best part is that I know what every ingredient is in the bread and the turkey and/or chicken.

I love when I can find a simple solution! And of course, homemade sandwiches just taste SO MUCH better too!!!


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