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Road Trip!


Road Trip!

Charleston, South Carolina

road trip

We are still getting back into the swing of things after our amazing family vacation. We are so blessed to have such an amazing family. My brother’s family hosted us for several days in Charleston, South Carolina, while we got to spend time with them and check out the local area and…the BEACHES! This was a first for our kids, and they all loved the beach so much. I had more fun just watching the kids play than anything else.



With three kids (plus our niece on the way out there) driving was the most practical option. I have pulled strollers and car seats through the airport before for one child and I was not about to do it for three! Plus the road trip becomes part of the vacation and some of our best memories are from our van. J We made a pit stop in Saint Louis to visit our sister’s family who was gracious enough to make some delicious Pho (Asian noodle soup) for us. And then we hit the road from Saint Louis to Charleston via Louisville.

We always try to avoid fast food as is – and on a road trip this is no exception! The key is planning ahead. We had turkey sandwiches (I roasted a turkey breast before we left), peanut butter sandwiches, tons of fruit, sliced squash, zucchini and celery, homemade trail mix, water and lots of SPARK!


We packed lunches and snacks for the beach as well. Although, we did let the kids…and myself indulge on some yummy ice cream. After all who goes to the beach and doesn’t buy incredibility overpriced ice cream from the vendors – right?!

We hit the town one night for Sai’s Birthday Dinner and had one of the best meals ever at Hank’s  If you are ever in Charleston this is a must try. We finished off the evening with dessert from , another must try. I have never been to a dessert bar with a two hour wait at 11 pm!

I will say my vacation food needs some work and a few more options. On the return trip home I asked who wanted a peanut butter sandwich (my kids LOVE peanut butter) and the response I got from my two-year-old – with his hands over his face, he moans “NOBODY”!!! Lol, we all had a good laugh and I noted to have more food options next time!

I managed to get in one run while we were there and a few quick workouts jumping right back into it when we returned home. That can sometimes be challenging, to get right back into your routine after a trip. But for me if I don’t jump back in, suddenly I’m not doing them at all.

Overall, we tried to limit the amount of junk we ate and still eat real food on our trip. We try to follow the 80/20 rule, eating well 80% of the time. The results, we came home not feeling down nor extremely bloated but still had an amazing time! And that’s what life is about, balance. Being able to travel but not putting your clean eating lifestyle “on hold”.


Safe Travels!