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Farm to Table – The Best Option

October 2, 2014

Farm to Table – The Best Option



I’m always telling my kids to try and make good choices and always look for the best option. Sometimes, that’s not easy. While we always try to plan ahead, sometimes life has other plans. I get that. It’s all about balance. And making sure the “once in a whiles” don’t turn into everyday. If we are honest with ourselves many of us might just find that our “once in a while” treat is more like a daily treat!

Last week we had a run of late nights, one of which we grabbed a pizza and a salad from the café at our local health food store, Nature’s Pantry. They use organic produce, cheese etc. And the outcome was a delicious, reasonably priced meal; which left me feeling so much better than the Chinese buffet would have, that’s for sure! It’s great to have better options when you are in a pinch.

Our journey to a healthier lifestyle has not always been easy nor the most convenient. But then again those things worth working for rarely come easy! There are days when I still let me kids grab a snack from the store or get an occasional candy bar. It never fails that the aftermath is always the same – feeling of yuck! YES, I can tell a difference in my kids’ behavior as well. For those who believe no relationship exists between the foods we eat and our behavior; try a clean eating meal plan for 30 days; it will rock your world! I believe God made the earth and created a sustainable food supply for us to eat. We start eating “manufactured food” and ask why our bodies respond differently…well, would you put Pepsi in a Bentley and expect it to function?! …But this is a topic for another day!


Getting back to the not easy part…


There are times (many times) I get overwhelmed at the grocery store trying to decide which fruits and vegetables to buy…what to serve them with, how to cook them, etc. I began to notice we were eating the same veggies and fruits day to day, again and again. I would only buy the ones I was comfortable making and avoid the rest; after all, I didn’t know what to do with Swiss chard or mustard greens, except put them in my juicer!


After months of research we decided to join a Community Supported Agriculture Program, CSA. After looking over the options we joined, Where the Red Fearn Grows Natural Farm CSA. They are located in Independence, MO about 15 minutes from our home.


Check them out, they are super nice and Sheri even provides recipes to go along with each weeks share!


Joining a CSA allows us to partner with a local farm and help support the farm that provides weekly produce for our family, a win-win. We have a weekly scheduled pickup at the farm. We have been completely satisfied. We are able to try new veggies each week and learn how to cook with them. In a way, it forces us to use what we have. Because of that, we are eating a lot more produce in our daily diets and feeling the difference. An extra added bonus is our kids get to actually see the farm where our food is grown and they are realizing that produce comes from the ground, not the grocery store!


I would encourage everyone to look in your communities and see what BETTER options are available to help support you and your family in your healthy lifestyle! Or ask me, my inner researcher always wants to break free!  🙂


Happy Searching!!!