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Healthy Parents Raise Healthy Kids

March 12, 2015

Healthy Parents Raise Healthy Kids!


mrs catalyst

Who wants to be “that” mom this summer all wrapped up, too insecure to get in the water and enjoy the pool with her kids? NOT ME!!!

My 3rd baby just turned 9 months AND I have lost ALL 35 lbs I gain during my pregnancy. HOW? WHAT’S THE SECRET????


And understanding what our bodies need in order to function at optimal levels. So what does it need? A balance of: real food, exercise, and supplements (to fill in the nutritional gaps).


…STILL don’t believe me? I have lost weight TWICE now after having babies by following this principal. I have NOT cut out ANY food group, I never go hungry and I FEEL AMAZING!!!

If you ever wonder why you can lose weight, but then you hit a plateau and/or the weight you lost COMES BACK?!?! My guess is you are missing one of the three keys to HEALTH AND WELLNESS!

Today I started my day with Spark and Catalyst followed by the NEW and delicious mint brownie Advocare Meal Replacement Shake! Who is ready to make a change and commit to a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE?!?!?

Healthy parents raise healthy kids! J

  Happy Thursday!!!

Green Smoothies!!!

March 6, 2015

Green Smoothies – A small change can provide HUGE results.


green smoothies storage

Life with 3 kids is no walk in the park. There are days that I don’t know what day it is or even what time it is – and there are more than a few days I wonder how we even survive our busy schedules! So when people tell me they “don’t have time” to eat healthy I just chuckle inside and think…yeah because I have so much extra “time”, lol! (Moms you all know exactly what I meanJ)

So what is the magic key to success?!  Well we all know what it is – MEAL PREP! My family has our moments when we are not prepared and guess what happens? Our choices become LIMITED! So what do we do? MEAL PREP!!!  I always try a keep a few good choices in the freezer for when we are in a pinch!

Last week we had somewhere to be every evening – we normally try to avoid scheduling our lives so chaotic, but sometimes life can’t be avoided. In an effort to have good choices on hand I spent a few minutes over the weekend getting my ingredients together for green smoothies! #ilovegreensmoothies

I am a huge fan of green smoothies. They are easy, nutritious and delicious! And on top of that my kiddos LOVE them! I try to have one everyday. They are great workout fuel as well! Adding a green smoothie to your daily routine can have enormous health benefits!

My favorite Green Smoothie – Pre Workout Snack

 1 c  Spinach (I use fresh spinach that I have previously frozen)

1 c  Cashew milk

¼- ½ Avocado

¼ Tsp Vanilla

½- 1 Banana

Handful of Ice


green smoothie

I was hesitant to try this gem – but it is delicious!!!

I get a ton of recipes from . It’s also fun creating new recipes and my kids really enjoy inventing new smoothies!You can throw some protein powder in there and you have a complete meal!


For more detailed instructions visit:


Happy Friday!!!