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How do you get your kids to eat healthy food?!?!

September 22, 2015

How do you get your kids to eat healthy food?!?!

kash eating swiss chard

Kash, my youngest (15 months), eating chicken and swiss chard and LOVING it! 


So you have decided to eat better, add more veggies into your diet, cut out processed food….but what about the kids?!?!? How will they survive without the overly processed sugary foods?!

As parents, so many of us are thinking this (well maybe not in these exact words) when we begin to think about making healthier food choices. But if we really look at what we are saying….”How will they survive without the overly processed sugary foods”? Now, while you might be saying, well my kids don’t eat that much “sugar”. Well, yes they do. If they are eating things from a box, processed food, they are most likely consuming more sugar than you realize. On average, kids should be consuming no more than 12-16g of sugar a day. (For, now let’s assume natural sugars in fruit, veggies etc are not included and therefore not part of the 12-16g.) Take a look at the food your kids eat for every meal, snack etc and tally it up! Start with the cereal, and you will probably be over the 12-16g already and that’s with just ¾ C serving.

After my oldest (Kailee) was born and I started reading what was in “kid friendly” foods I was shocked I realized the companies making the food were concerned about revenue and profit not my kids’ health… that was my job. So how do I get my kids to eat healthy?

Well, it always surprises me when people ask me how I get my kids to eat healthy. That’s an easy answer… I offer it to them. I try new and different recipes until I find ones that work for our family. I’m by no means a picky eater, yet there are certain veggies cooked certain ways that aren’t appealing to me, same goes for kids. But let’s be honest, if I were given the option between ice cream and kale….I would pick ice cream each time.  So to think that your kids will always choose a veggie might be expecting too much, in the beginning. Instead of giving an open ended choice, I will give my kiddos two or three choices and they get to pick. This works for us, my kids enjoy having a choice and it lets them feel more involved, which I love! We have a rule at meal time; that you have to try everything on your plate. It doesn’t mean that you must eat everything, but a one bite minimum. It might take several times offering different veggies to find the ones your kids/family like and how they like them prepared. My kids will eat half a head a cabbage raw, but if I cook it….one bite, that’s it!

It might be time to break out of the box; you know… the baked chicken breast and side of veggies (broccoli, peas etc) box. This is where so many of us start, because we don’t know where us to go, right? Like anything else once you start you will learn how to make the things you want to eat, but a much healthier, real food version. And I love the idea of serving my family real food that they enjoying eating.


Here are some awesome resources I use ALL the time. I also follow them on IG so I don’t miss any of their new yummy ideas!  Don’t be afraid to alter recipes to fit your family’s likes and dislikes.

Super Healthy Kids

100 Days of Real Food

Maria Kang




Happy Eating!!!





Cinnamon Spiced Spark for Fall!

September 17, 2015

Cinnamon Spiced Spark for Fall!

hot spark

It’s no secret I LOVE Fall and almost everything that comes along with that. The only thing better than enjoying a cool day is enjoying the cool weather with a delicious hot drink! I am a huge fan of hot drinks, I love my teas, and for years I enjoyed regular lattes. However, over the years as I have become more aware of what goes into several of my before favorite hot drinks I no longer drink these…except maybe a few times a year. (moderation is key…and that’s how I live my life) 🙂


When Advocare came into my life about 3 ½ years ago I started drinking spark…and I LOVE IT! I love how no matter how tired my body is…from training, from not sleeping a ton, from getting up early, etc….after my morning spark I always feel like I had the best, most peaceful sleep and I’m ready to go tackle my crazy busy day.


What about the afternoon crash so many people ask….my reply, “the what”? I haven’t had one of those for about 31/2 years 🙂 I have awesome, steady, continuous energy and focus all day long!


Ok, so now you get it…right, I LOVE SPARK! And I LOVE hot drinks…yep, you guessed it….HOT SPARK!


It  wasn’t too long after I started drinking spark that I also started putting my Keurig to good use (at this point I was only using it for hot water for my tea, which was maybe a few evenings a week) I would make hot water and mix up my spark..all the flavors are great hot. But then one day I saw a very simple recipe:



Delicious Fall Spiced Spark

Mango Strawberry Spark

Hot Water

1 Cinnamon Stick


Yes, I will be the first to admit it, this sounded like a questionable combination, but I tried it….and it’s so DELICIOUS I have been drinking it everyday, lol. I only wish I could remember where I saw it so I could give credit – because as simple as it is, it’s not my creation! But that won’t stop me from enjoying it!


Please share any spark creations you have tried and loved!


Enjoy your hot drinks!


Happy Thursday!


Morning Meditation

September 15, 2015

As the weather begins to cool down and fall nears closer, I get more and more excited everyday! After all, there are so many things to LOVE about Fall; baking pumpkin everything, hayrides, pumpkin patches, Zoo Days (without the heat), leggings and t-shirts! But my most favorite thing about Fall….waking up early drinking a hot spiced spark on my porch and then going for a sunrise run!


Even pregnant I still LOVED my cool morning runs!



March 26, 2014


Got my Brooks on, I’m ready to go!

As the weather is (slowly) beginning to get warmer I am feeling a little sad saying goodbye to the cooler mornings. I enjoy my morning runs during the winter months. The cool crisp air provides an extra wake me up and I feel invigorated and ready to tackle my day. Besides the cool air, running at sunrise is an amazing experience which I try to participate in daily. You see, I do not belong to a gym, nor do I run solely for my physical health. For me, running is just as spiritual as it is physical. It’s a time when I can clear all the junk from my head and talk to God. I see God’s work every morning, in the sunrise, in the leaves changing colors, in the deer running passed the trail. I feel so connected to God and nature by just running outside on the trail in my neighborhood! This is something a treadmill in a gym can NEVER replicate. I encourage everyone to find something they enjoy doing outside and make it a regular activity.

Peaceful Running! 

Eggplant Bruschetta

September 12, 2015

Eggplant Bruschetta



One of the many reasons we LOVE participating in a CSA is that we get veggies we wouldn’t always buy at the store. While each week’s share contains several different veggies, we often get the same veggie(s) for several weeks. And well, after several weeks of grilling and roasting eggplant my kids were ready for something else.


Lucky for us, our wonderful farmers provide recipe ideas each week. The first week or so I passed on the idea of trying the eggplant bruschetta recipe. I’m not sure if it’s because I thought it was too involved or because I wouldn’t like it – thankfully neither were the case!

During the summer months our family normally enjoys eating a summer salad mix; tomatoes, red onion, feta cheese with the balsamic dressing. So I finally decided that this would potentially be a big hit with our family….IT WAS DELICIOUS!!! It was so good I made two different variations and we ate eggplant bruschetta all week!


Here is the link to the CSA – scroll down to eggplant section and click on eggplant bruschetta for the recipe.

Now, I said I tried two variations – neither one 100% followed the recipe – which is usually how I cook…a little of this a little of that 🙂


The first time I made it I used ricotta cheese – mainly because I had no idea what ricotta salata was – and the process seemed a tad too involved for me this week. (#mommyproblems). I also did not use mint on either version – but I will the next time. I think the mint would be good. With or without the mint, this dish was AMAZING!!!! Family approved!


Ricotta Cheese Version

eggplant bruschetta ricotta


The second time around I used feta cheese and still no mint. Still amazing! The adults liked this versions just as well as the ricotta cheese version, however, the kiddos weren’t as crazy about the feta cheese version. I think that is mainly because of the creamier texture the ricotta cheese provides.


Feta Cheese Version

eggplant bruschetta feta


Once I try the ricotta salata version I will let you know my favorite version – but so far the ricotta cheese version is my favorite! But they were both delicious.


Let me know which one you prefer. And have fun trying out these new and delicious recipes.


Happy Sampling!



Got my Brooks on I’m ready to go…running with the family!

September 8,  2015

Got my Brooks on I’m ready to go…running with the family!


With less than six weeks from my first marathon now is not the time to slack on the training.  With the weather cooling off over the next few weeks I’m excited to have more family training sessions. On hot days I prefer to run in the early mornings while the kiddos are still sleeping. J  But as the weather changes, so do my runs. On several occasions I have even planned my route to swing back by my house and drop off and/or pick up my kids for a 3-4 mile run with them. Sometimes they choose to grab a scooter, bike, 4 wheeler, run with me, or a little of both. I’m lucky enough to have Kash (my 1 yr old) with me on several runs throughout the week too!

all 3 kids on trail

Here I am finishing up a run with all 3 kiddos – Kash is in the stroller! 🙂

3 kids running

Here they all opted to run! Even Kash decided to get out of the stroller and run. He got in a good 1/2 mile too!  🙂


It’s important to me, that I continue to include my kids on my runs even if I am training. If someone told me that in order to train for a marathon I would have to run without my kids for 18 weeks, I would have passed. Thankfully that is not the case! They are excited for me, they are excited to go see me run and therefore they are extremely excited to be part of the process. Growing up living a healthy, active lifestyle is not simply a wish I have for my kids it IS our reality. Living any other way just isn’t appealing to us. (Gladly so)


It is an amazing thing to watch my kids playing outside, running around. People often comment on my kids’ level of energy and stamina. I believe this is due to (a large part) their (mostly) real food diets and the fact that they are active regularly. It is amazing what are bodies are capable of if they are fueled and maintained properly. We wouldn’t put water in a Jag (‘s gas tank) and leave it sitting in a garage for 20 years and then expect it to drive perfectly, would we?!?!


Get outside with your little ones, young ones, old ones, parents, grandparents and get active. There is no better feeling that the one you have knowing you are truly treating your body like a temple!


kash walking dog 1

The cutest little dog walker and best running partner under 2!!!



Happy Training!!!

Peach Delight. Kale Smoothie

September, 3, 2015

Peach Delight! Kale Smoothie

peach delight


This week has been all about the peaches! I use peaches in so many of my smoothies…because, well peaches are amazing! I’m always changing things up and adding in new things depending on what sounds good that day but here is one of my all time favorite peach concoctions. Simple but delicious! J


  • 1 cup  kale (I use the one handful method)
  • 1 cup coconut
  • 1 peach (or nectarine)
  • ½ orange
  • ½ cup plain greek yogurt
  • Drop of Honey
  • Handful of Ice

All 3 of my kiddos LOVE this smoothie!