Green Smoothies


My family LOVES green smoothies. While there is/has been much debate about which is better for our health –  green smoothies vs. green juice, I think they are a great option for meals and/or snacks. While we also juice – what’s not to love about a green smoothie?! You get a TON of vitamins and nutrients in a delicious smoothie that tastes so good, it’s like a treat.


One thing I try to avoid is hiding veggies from my kids. Why would we want them to be afraid of kale or spinach? Instead, I have them help me. They can see what goes into the smoothie and they are happy…because they know we need lots of green veggies so we can be strong and healthy! 🙂


It’s just about the only time of the day my 15 month old is sitting still.

Here is Kash, slurping down his kale peach smoothie! 🙂


kash smoothie


One of my favorite green smoothie sites is:

I follow them on IG – they are always posting new and exciting recipes. I LOVE trying them out and then altering them! From each new recipe I can normally parle that one into five or six just by changing it up a tad. You get not just one but several new yummy concoctions to lively things up! Or in my case, to use what you have on hand because I’m always forgetting something at the store. I always make a list, but usually forget to grab the list before heading to the store.  #mommyproblems 🙂


Are you ready to dive into green smoothie making? Are you already enjoying them?If so, I hope you enjoy the recipes and the links. 


Once you get the hang of it, you will be a green smoothie making champion in no time…until then take a look at the tips below to ensure an enjoyable experience!


Here are some great tips to get you going!



For more delicious green smoothie concoctions, check out the links below.