Sugar Detox – 10 Day No Sugar Challenge

Do you feel tired or sluggish during the day?

Do you have mid-afternoon crashes?

Are you easily irritated or annoyed?

Are you prone to breakouts?

Do you have dark circles under your eyes?

Do you have trouble concentrating or staying focused?

If you can identify with any of these questions then you might have a sugar addition.  I invite you to join my family as we eliminate sugar from our diet for 10 days and see how our bodies respond. (In the spirit of full disclosure I may or may not have had a few (too many) girl scout cookies last night.) 🙂

No matter how well we eat (normally) or how often we workout, there are times when we fall off track and have set backs. It’s being able to recognize these set backs, correct them, and more forward that allows us to have a full and healthy life. Whether you are resetting from a set back or just starting your health journey the no sugar challenge it a great place to start.

So why no sugar?

Sounds easy enough to most people, avoid desserts, soda and candy for 10 days. But once we get started and really start looking at the foods we eat, the foods in our kitchen and in our pantry we discover most of these foods are on the “avoid list”, because they have added/ hidden sugars. There are hidden sugars in so many of the everyday foods we eat like; breads, spaghetti sauce and sometimes even the meat we are eating. Sugar is everywhere.

When we eliminate sugar from our diet we reset our bodies and our cravings. If you ever wondered why you crave sugary foods or why some (healthier) foods (with no sugar) don’t taste good to you – if could be because you have a sugar addition. Simply put, sugar and processed sugar is in almost everything we eat. Why? Because the more sugar that is in a product the more of that product we will eat per serving. And we will continue to crave those sugary foods. We end up in a vicious cycle that seems impossible to stop. That’s why it so important to eliminate sugar from our diets for a minimum of 10 days to allow our bodies to detox from the sugar addition.

What do we eliminate for the 10 days?

  • No added sugar or sugar substitutes. No sodas, diet sodas, sugary drinks, coffee creamer etc.
  • No processed foods with added sugar or sugar substitutes (spaghetti sauce, breads, salad dressings, etc.) Check the food labels. Look for sugar in any form in the ingredients – under sugars if it lists “added sugars” pass. READ FOOD LABELS
  • No fruit juice (OF ANY KIND)
  • No white flour or white starches (bread, pasta, potatoes, rice).
  • No alcohol
  • No fruits – you can adjust this as needed. My kids will have one bowl of mixed berries (strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries) per day.
  • NO DAIRY – you can adjust as needed – if using dairy make sure there is no added sugar.
  • No hydrogenated fats, or refined fats (margarine, canola oil, or vegetable oil)

What do we eat?

  • Protein – meats and seafood – make sure there is no added sugar (sausage tends to have added sugars)  
  • Deli meat – again make sure there is no added sugars.
  • Use brown rice or wild rice or almond flour or coconut flour if you are grain free.
  • Siete has delicious wraps and chips (sugar free and grain free)
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Veggies – raw veggies are great for snacking –  green, red, yellow and orange peppers ( I have them cut up so we can just grab some for a snack) , baby carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, spaghetti squash (mixed with olive oil and basil)
  • Raw almonds, cashews or walnuts
  • Eggs (hard-boiled eggs are great for breakfast or snacks)
  • Nut butters – (check for no added sugars)
  • Healthy Fats – (coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil etc.)

Some additional tips to help you through the challenge:

  2. Don’t get hangry
  3. Prep snacks – meals
  4. If you can’t have it – get rid of it (out of sight out of mind)
  6. FIND someone join you – spouse, children, co-workers

Check in and let me know how you are feeling. I can’t wait to help guide you through this process.

Ready, set, GO!!!


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