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After my having my second child my energy level was drained.  I felt exhausted ALL the time! Even the thought of working out made me tired. That’s when an old friend introduced me to Advocare. I immediately began noticing a difference in my energy levels and starting losing the baby weight much easier. I was able to lose ALL of my weight from both kids (about 50 lbs), but best of all my energy was incredible.

I realized that while my time of post-baby exhaustion only lasted for a few months, many people live everyday feeling drained, tired and lacking vital nutrition. That’s when we decided to share Advocare products, so everyone can have the same amazing benefits we enjoy everyday from Advocare.

Advocare fits great into our family and active lifestyle and because they are supported by an amazing team of doctors on the Scientific and Medical Advisory Board, we know the products are SAFE AND EFFECTIVE!

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My Family’s Favorite Products:

Kelli                                                       Kiddos

Spark                                                     Rehydrate

Catalyst                                                 Spark (quarter to half servings)

MNS E (complete daily nutrition)

Muscle Strength

O2 Gold

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