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A New 4th of July Tradition

July 12, 2017

A New 4th of July Tradition

I got my Brooks on…


Every run every race is different, its own. Sometimes I feel great and I have great runs…and sometimes I’m tired and I don’t run as well.  I have been lucky so far with most of my races that I have been able to meet new people and chat for awhile. Not only do I enjoy meeting people and hearing their stories, but when you’re running 13.1 or 26.2 miles if helps to pass the time. J

Well last week I ran the Stars the Stripes 4th of July 5k with my 5 year old son.


(Here we are before the race, before the rain 🙂 )


I was truly blessed to watch him run, meet new people and enjoy his race and all the training and he did in preparation. Now I say training because he did train. When he came to me and asked to run a 5k with me I told him if he wanted to run he would have to train, so he would be prepared.  I see people signing up for races all the time. And while I think it’s a great thing to be active, for me, the race is much more about the training and preparation. Setting a goal and then working towards that goal.

Kobe’s goal was to run a 5K with his mom. While he has run several races with me and the rest of our family, this was his race.  He trained for about 10 weeks. His training focused much more on keeping a steady pace than finishing.  I knew Kobe was fast, he has always been fast. Kobe is a sprinter, he is fast and he likes to run fast.  J  I knew we would have fun and he would finish without any problems. After all, I have been running with this kid since he was 18 months old.

What I wasn’t prepared for was the impact the race would have on me. I can’t even begin to explain the pure joy it brought me to be part of Kobe’s 4th of July 5k experience, his first (solo-ish) 5k. From watching him pass the starting line with excitement, meeting people along the route, having people cheer him on and sprinting to the finish line, all with a smile of his face ; pure joy! I was so proud of him and hos accomplishment. And so was Kobe! Right before he crossed the finished line he looked back at me, smiled, and then ran right in front of me. He had to make sure he beat mom! And he did. Kobe finished in 34:20!


(Sprinting to the finish line)

Even though it was raining most of the race, we both had a great time. So much so, I think we started a new 4th of July tradition. Mother and son 4th of July 5k! J The other kids got in on the fun too. All three of my kiddos ran in the post 5k kids race and did a great job. But the time the kids race started it was pouring!


(Kailee, my 8 year old, finishing)



(Here I am with Kash as he is crossing the finish line at the kids race)


Whatever activity you enjoy I encourage you to involve your kids. It is a great way to spend time together. And I love being able to share something I love doing with my kids.


Happy Running!!!

Detox Salad

detox salad


February 5, 2015 

Detox Salad

A good friend mentioned to me that she recently made a detox salad. I of course was intrigued and asked her for the recipe. Nonetheless, I still ended up googling it, after all how else was I going to find out everything I needed to know about it – 🙂

It sounded so good – and I do love my veggies! Since I’m always looking for new ways to eat good, real food, I tried it! It was so delicious! My kiddos were on their second bowl when I realized this was a “detox salad” so maybe just one bowl was good for them! 😉

I went on to rave about the salad and have received a few requests for the recipe. So I will share what I used. Remembering, I’m notorious for just halfway following a recipe and just using what I have in the house…well this salad no exception. Here is what I used to make this delicious detox salad.


  • 1 head broccoli
  • 1 head cauliflower
  • 3 carrots
  • 1 handful of Kale
  • ¼ C mint
  • 1/2 C Sliced Almonds (I sliced whole almonds)
  • 1/2 C Sunflower Seeds
  • ½ C Raisins
  • 1 C dried cranberries
  • 1 Gala Apple
  • 2 TBS Real Maple Syrup
  • 1 lemon
  • 2 tbs white wine vinegar
  • Sea Salt


  1. Put Broccoli, Cauliflower, Kale and mint in a food processor.
  2. Pour mix into large mixing bowl.
  3. Add Carrots to food processor
  4. Add Carrots to mixture.
  5. Stir in almonds, sunflower seeds, raisins, cranberries, diced apple and salt to mixture.
  6. Toss mixture with syrup, lemon juice and vinegar.
  7. Serve


My kids (5 and 3) helped me make the salad. They think it’s a hoot to shove things into the food processor. Plus, I think whenever they help make something it tastes to much better to them! Whatever the reasons, I’ll take it!


I hope your family enjoys this yummy concoction as much as mine did!


Happy Detoxing!!! 🙂




School Lunches!

September 10, 2014

School Lunches

My kindergartener has been in school now for several weeks and while I am still mastering the art of school lunches I have come a long way in a few short weeks! As the school year was approaching the researcher in me kicked into full speed and I started reading article after article on school lunches….sounds fun I know! I wanted to make sure or at least give my best efforts to make school lunches that were similar to how we eat at home and not revert back to highly processed boxed foods! The general ideas are the same and I’ve tried to consolidate those here!

Unfortunately, there was one thing I did not see in any article – how to teach your Kindergartener to continue praying before lunch when no one else is praying. Kailee went to a Catholic Preschool and while we are not Catholic there were many aspects of her Preschool we loved. One being they pray before meals. I hope she continues to pray before lunch and doesn’t feel uncomfortable doing so!

Ok, back to the food portion of school lunches!

Here is a pic of Kailee’s first school lunch – all the options are good – but the packaging is horrible! This is a true rookie mistake!

school lunch fail


I had ordered the Ziploc containers on Amazon, but they didn’t arrive in time for her first lunch….so I thought I would just throw it in this! Big Mistake! After the first day of school I was so excited to see my sweet little girl, to hear about her day and all her stories. What I discovered is that she was STARVING! Starving because her food had gotten all mixed up and the granola had gotten all over her apple sandwich and everything was a mess. She had even tried to take a few bites of her granola covered apple sandwich, poor thing. Needless to say this was a total FAIL!

After a few days I started getting the hang of things (and my containers arrived, whew!). Here are a few pics of better packed lunches.


schhol lunch - eggschool lunch - pizza


Here is what I have learned so far…

Three key pointers to success:

  1. Containers with separate compartments. I use the Ziploc containers but there are several good options. http://www.amazon.com/EasyLunchboxes-3-compartment-Containers-BPA-free-Easy-open/dp/B004UIRUJ2/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1410315521&sr=8-2&keywords=ziploc+containers

           These are great for several reasons – the items do not get mixed up and it forces you to                     have a more balanced meal.

  1.  I have my daughter help me with her lunch. She normally gets to choose between two options  for her veggies and fruit. And she approves of everything that goes in her lunch. If they won’t  eat  it at home the chances of them eating it at school are slim to none! (Tip: Keep  reintroducing  new  foods at home and giving as an option for lunches)
  2.  Pack the night before. Food prep is an important part of eating well. I pack my daughter’s          lunch and her water bottle the night before so all I have to do is put her container in her            lunch bag with ice packs and her water bottle in her back pack – she actually does this now        every  morning.


I’m still shocked every time Kailee comes home and tells me there are kids in her class who   have Cheetos and Gatorade in their lunches. I understand busy schedules this is why food prep is so important, so you are not forced to grab something on the go. I also have her leave what she doesn’t eat in her lunch box so I know what she likes and doesn’t like and how much food she needs!

I try to mix things and keep a variety in her diet by not sending the same thing every day.  I have found that if I make lunch food and freeze it, it’s so much easier. Kailee loves taking zucchini muffins homemade granola and power balls so I try to keep a stash in the freezer and alternate. She also loves the heart shaped muffin tins, makes it extra fun and always puts a smile on her face! Sometimes healthy food isn’t as fun as the cool junk you can get at the grocery store, I get that. So I have pulled out my cookie cutters and anything that can be cut into a fun shape, gets cut! What’s better than a fun shaped PB & Honey sandwich or some heart shaped cucumber! Big Hit…HUGE!

So far here are some of Kailee’s fav lunch items:

Pizza –  I just put pizza sauce on a whole wheat pita sprinkle some mozzarella cheese and                                  cook it. She eats it cold and loves it! (I try to use all organic ingredients) 

Smoothie Pops – Green smoothie in a freezer pop mold (she loves these)

Hard Boiled Eggs –easy for me too! 🙂

Star Shaped Peanut Butter & Honey Sandwich


Check out this link for some more great school lunch ideas!


As I mentioned previously there as several great articles on school lunches available, I just prefer @100daysofrealfood. I get so many ideas from Lisa! Once you get the hang of it you can easily adjust things to meet your child’s preferences.



Happy Lunch Making!!! :)